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Welcome to eBaby Auctions

  • Do you have quality baby or nursery items that you no longer need?
  • Would you like to sell them on eBay but don′t have the time?

Bring your unwanted baby and nursery items to eBaby Auctions and we′ll sell them on eBay for you. eBaby Auctions will do all the hard work and turn your unwanted items into cash for you! eBaby Auctions is a registered eBay Trading Assistant and experienced eBay seller, making it easy for you to sell your things on eBay. All you need to do drop them off to us and we′ll do the rest.

eBay Trading Assistant Logo We specialise in selling baby and nursery equipment, and designer and premium branded maternity, baby and children′s clothing. eBay is the world′s largest online marketplace with over 145 million users worldwide and growing each day. With this number of potential buyers, you have the best chance to achieve the maximum price for your things.

If you′re not sure of your item′s value or chances of selling on eBay just contact eBaby Auctions and we′ll be happy to give you an assessment of your unwanted baby or nursery items.

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