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About eBaby Auctions

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eBaby Auctions is an official Registered eBay Trading Assistant and has been registered on eBay since April 2004. eBaby Auctions has a 100% positive eBay feedback rating.

Why use eBaby Auctions to list my items?

There are enormous benefits and advantages to use an experienced registered Trading Assistant to sell your items on eBay. Here are some of them.
  • Buyers prefer doing business with a member who has a long-standing eBay trading history and more likely to bid on items being listed with a member with a good reputation.
  • eBaby Auctions has the knowledge and skills to get the most bids and highest price for seller's items.
  • eBaby Auctions uses clear digital pictures, a major key in bringing in more bids at higher final prices.
  • eBaby Auctions has an established PayPal premier account so that credit cards can be accepted securely on line. This promotes more bids at higher amounts and faster payment.
  • eBaby Auctions offers £500 buyer protection to bidders who use PayPal. This is just like insurance and gives bidders the confidence to bid high & pay electronically.
  • A link to the auction(s) is provided so that sellers may view auction(s) at anytime during and after the auction.
  • A print out of auction page showing final bid price will be provided to the seller without internet access.

But the very best benefit of all is, it's a quick, easy, no hassle way for you to sell your unwanted nursery and baby goods and put cash in your pocket! Simply drop off your items (pick ups can also be arranged), allow eBay members (currently over 145 million) to bid against each other for it, and then you receive a cheque or cash in person. We handle the entire auction process. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your cash!

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